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No matter what your age, goals or current condition, we can design a routine to build your best body!

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Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results!”
Hartford, CT 06101
Amy Personal Trainer Hartford CT rating

Bill-Adult-Personal-Training-Hartford CT

Bill Y.
“I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played.”
Hartford, CT 06101
Bill Personal Trainer Hartford CT rating


Bill Yeager- President of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition


Find Personal Trainer in Hartford CT

Our Personal Trainer in Hartford CT will create an individual training program for you either at your Hartford, CT location or our nearest facility. Programs are based on your current fitness level, your budget, schedule, and do what ever it takes for you to meet your personal fitness goals!

Your trainer will regulate your program frequently, often within a session, based on your response to each exercise. This fine tuning of your fitness routine will maximize the efficiency of your effort and result in steady progress toward your goals!
Personal Trainer Hartford CT

Your Personal Trainer Hartford CT

Your individual program will help you:

  • Improve your Fitness: This happens by improving strength, flexibility, endurance, energy, balance, and cardiac health.
  • Change your Lifestyle: Your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT will perform regularly scheduled sessions and provide the motivation for you to place health and fitness first while sticking with your plan.
  • Reach or Maintain a Healthy Body: We do this by reducing body fat, toning muscle, and managing weight through exercise.
  • Discover your true Potential: With the undivided attention and support of your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT and in the success of your regular training sessions, you will begin to discover your potential, step by step.

Your sessions will take place with your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT or in our fully equipped studio. There are no crowds, no waiting for equipment and no distractions! We put all of our attention on you; and your trainer only focuses on your training and your goals. It’s ALL About YOU!


Professional Hartford CT Personal Trainer

Here at Horizon Personal Training we are dedicated to helping you attain a new level of fitness. No matter what your exercise experience level is, we’re sure you’ll love the results you see in your strength, flexibility, energy and cardiac ability after personal training with us. Of course, an increased level of fitness will result no matter what your goal is, but you don’t have to be on a mission to run a 5k or lose 20 pounds to benefit from personal training. It’s all about your goals and what you would like to achieve!

Keeping you Motivated! – When it comes to exercise design, we pride ourselves not only on our ability to address your fitness level as a whole, but our originality in doing so. Your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT will have extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics, which means we can modify and even create new exercises to help keep things exciting. No two sessions at Horizon are the same, so you’ll be challenged to higher levels without having to spend forever trying to figure it out on your own. We take all of the guesswork out of it.

You’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Hartford CT for a reason and we know why!
Often people hit a plateau because their body has adapted to their preferred type of exercise routine. That means if you always use the same circuit or maybe you always go to Yoga on Tuesday and Spinning on Friday, there may be a point where you don’t see the fitness gains you did when you first started. At Horizon Personal Training, we don’t create a list of exercises you’ll rotate through, we’ll vary your sessions and we can even make adjustments on the fly depending on how you’re responding to the exercises we’ve planned. This not only alleviates dullness but it also keeps your body guessing, giving your energy systems the opportunity to always adapt to new stimulus.

Personal Trainer Hartford CT


FUN Personal Trainer Hartford CT

We really understand, because we’ve been there ourselves! All our Hartford CT Personal Trainers are sensitive to the fact that people have different levels of experience when it comes to fitness, and we’ll design your workouts with that in mind. Starting your exercise journey with us will help you stay inspired and give you the self-confidence to embark on other fitness activities if you so choose. Your workouts will take place in our fully equipped, private studio, which means there are no crowds, no waiting for equipment, and no distractions unless you choose your own location.

From broken ankles to diabetes and almost any injury you have, our Personal Trainer in Hartford CT have experience working with people who have an array of special health issues and injuries. Our extensive familiarity of which functional fitness exercises are suitable in individualized situations means we help you safely reach levels of wellness while mitigating the effects of your conditions.

Holding you accountable! – Having an appointment time with your Hartford CT Personal Trainer will help keep your fitness on the right track. You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do once you get to the gym! Working with Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition gives you additional accountability you need. Also, you’ll find that our Personal Trainers don’t just count reps, we love engaging our clients and getting to know them while have a good time. If you’re enjoying your exercise it’s much easier to find the motivation to continue toward reaching your goals.

Hartford CT Personal Trainer for Fat Loss

Our Personal Trainer in Hartford CT will design your fat loss routine. Weight control is something that people are worried, and rightly so! Excess fat can put you at a higher risk for a lot of health issues. Recent studies have shown that the most effective and healthiest way to loss fat is with a combination of nutrition and exercise. There are many reasons why, first, exercise not only burns extra calories, it will also help you build more muscle and tone which will do the same. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you will use!

For years our Personal Trainer in Hartford CT  have been creating programs where a slower paced resistance exercise is followed by a short, fast burst of movement. This is known as HIIT “training”, and has been used by athletes with their pros to improve performance for years. Studies have shown that this type of personal training can also be used to speed up fat loss. Given the results we’ve seen with our clients and the scientific evidence, we confidently believe that when coupled with the right nutrition program, the type of fitness programming you’ll get at Horizon is a superior way to help you reach your fat loss goals for a lifestyle.

Certified Personal Trainer Hartford CT

Your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT will have an accredited certification. This will ensure you have the right professional to work around injuries and to prevent them from occurring. Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the most common problems people experience on a daily basis. From muscle pulls, strains to back problems, the typical lifestyle of spending hours behind a desk or in a car predisposes us to a range of issues.

The tissues in your body aren’t stationary, they are always adapting themselves. When you spend a long amount of time in one position it makes your tissue to stiffen up, change size and even shape. This becomes an issue for those who spend most of the day in a seated position. At Horizon, your Personal Trainer in Hartford CT won’t allow you to spend all day sitting at work just to come to the gym and sit on equipment. All the exercises are “functional,” which means they mirror movements you perform in your daily life. This coupled with our expert knowledge and certified staff, will help you gain relief to the common musculoskeletal problems like neck pain, shoulder issues, and back pain.


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