My name is Daniel Fischman and I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer in Connecticut for close to the last 10 years. As a manager of a private personal training studio I quite often find myself sitting across the table from a potential client wondering what my experience training athletes has to do with them! As I smirk, I start to explain to them: “You are an athlete too!” As they laugh at me saying they have never run more than 10ft in their life, I start to dig a little deeper. I agree with them, yes you are not an “athlete” in the traditional sense, and nor do you want to be. BUT you do have a sport, “do you know what that sport is?” And now they are really confused, looking at me like I am certifiably off my rocker, so I explain, your everyday life is your sport!

As a seasoned personal trainer in CT, this is where I have to debunk some common myths. First off, any GOOD strength and conditioning coach will tell you, we are not here to make you throw up on the sidelines like you see in every movie out there. To me, this is the sign of a horrible trainer/strength coach! It takes more skill to know just how far to push a client WITHOUT crossing that line than it does to absolutely obliterate a client in their first session! Second, I always ask, “Show me a high-level athlete that has never been injured?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. And I have trained every level of athlete from middle school through the pros! When you are giving it all and pushing your body to the breaking point…. Eventually something is going to give. While this is not a desired result it makes me quite proficient in dealing with aches, pains and injuries! And now we tie it back to the client sitting across from me….

“Do you have any knee, shoulder or low back pain?” “Why yes, yes I do!” “Do you sit at a desk all day?” “HOW’D YOU KNOW!?” …. and this is how the majority of the conversations go! This is where I explain to them that their sport is simply training their body to handle the stresses of their everyday life. While they may not be trying to get the fastest “40” possible or increase their vert by 5 inches…. They just want to live their life pain free. While professional sports will create some intense contact injuries, you will be hard pressed to convince me that a sedentary desk job doesn’t cause more damage to the body then a professional sport! This is where my experience of sport specific training comes in handy as your Newington Connecticut personal trainer!

I train every client as if they are an athlete, whether your sport is football, swinging a hammer as a roofer, or sitting at a desk from 9-5 I train you for the demands of your everyday life! This is what it means to be an everyday athlete… I am preparing you to step on the field each and every day, whether that field is the turf, the office, or the playground, I will train you for exactly what you need!

Bulgarian Split Squat as an Alternative to the Back Squat

Daniel Fischman is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and head Personal Trainer at Horizon Personal Training Centers of Newington CT. He has over 10 years experience training everyone from athletes to general population. He specializes in injury prevention and pre/post rehab modalities as well as tactical strength and conditioning. whatever your goal is Dan has the safest, most effective, and most efficient answer for you! Personal Trainer serving West Hartford CT & surrounding towns.