Newington CT’s Top Personal Trainer Tells You The Hidden Secret to Weight Loss!

Newington CT Personal Trainer Secret to Weight Loss

So you want to know what the top personal trainer in Newington CT’s secret is? What’s the magic elixir, or secret tool that’ll make you lose weight while sleeping? How can you get the results you’ve always wanted without spending hours in the gym and still being able to go through the drive thru?! Well, Newington CT’s top personal trainer has the answer for you!

YOU CAN’T! There is no magic pill, there is no secret “as seen on tv” product, there is nothing that will get you results without you doing the appropriate work! I know this isn’t the answer that most people want to hear, but it’s the truth! Sometimes the truth hurts, but nothing will ever replace exercise and proper nutrition!


Newington CT’s Top Personal Trainer has some good news!

As a personal trainer in Newington, CT I will always recommend a good coach (such as myself) to help you along the way if you feel you cannot do it on your own. Ready for the good news? The good news is, you CAN reach those goals you are striving for, it is just going to take a little effort. That doesn’t mean you should starve yourself eating only lettuce and walking on the treadmill every day. Why won’t this work? I’m sure we’ve all seen it. You walk into the gym and you see Tracy Treadmill. That woman that is on the same treadmill, at the same time, going the same speed, not losing a single pound! She is even eating her Kale salad and protein shake so what gives!?

I’m a personal trainer in Newington, CT and have worked with hundreds of people to know that the human body is a miraculous yet finicky and tricky thing! Your body is incredibly good at adapting. As your body gets use to a certain stimulus it will stop reacting to said stimulus. So using our friend Treadmill Tracy as an example: when she first started her workout she did great! She was losing weight, feeling amazing, then it all stopped! Now, we should commend her determination but as her body adapted to that same treadmill work out, it was no longer having to work as hard, which means she wasn’t burning as many calories, which means no more weight loss! This is a common trap that many people fall into and a hard trap to get out of! Most people assume that because it got results initially it’ll keep getting results forever, unfortunately that is not the case!

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As one of Newington CT personal trainers, I have seen this time and time again! This is where having a professional guide you on your journey to results really comes in handy. A good personal trainer in Newington will be able to provide you with a properly periodized workout which will ensure that you don’t ever hit any of those dreaded plateaus. When a workout is designed properly, there is no reason that you can’t obtain continuous results! Having a certified expert will also ensure that your nutrition perfectly matches the results you are trying to obtain. When your workouts and nutrition are in sync you’ll never have to face the struggle that Treadmill Tracy faces every day! My number one suggestion to anyone looking to lose weight, is to seek out the help of a professional! You wouldn’t self-diagnose and put yourself on medication without seeing a doctor, so why would you risk injury and mediocre to nonexistent results by “trying it on your own”? A quality certified personal trainer as the skill, knowledge, and experience to make sure you get the results you are looking for safely, effectively, and efficiently!

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Daniel Fischman is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and head Personal Trainer at Horizon Personal Training Centers of Newington CT. He has over 10 years experience training everyone from athletes to general population. He specializes in injury prevention and pre/post rehab modalities as well as tactical strength and conditioning. whatever your goal is Dan has the safest, most effective, and most efficient answer for you! Personal Trainer serving West Hartford CT & surrounding towns.