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There is value to supplementation and, also, there are precautions that need to be taken when looking into supplements. Some people who are searching for a quick and easy fix to lose weight look directly to taking a supplement to reach their goals. Athletes and gym-goers alike, also, search for additional assistance in helping them lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

The problem with supplements is that they are not tested by the FDA. Therefore, they can include anything they would like on their ingredient list. Whether those ingredients are actually in the supplement and/or whether different ingredients are also contained, therein, is unknown.

There are natural stimulants that can benefit anyone wishing to lose weight. By promoting the use of these natural ingredients as part of their supplement, the supplement companies pique the interest of the buyer. Natural ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, and glucomannan are all beneficial in enabling fat loss. It can be very difficult and frustrating, however, to try and locate a supplement that truthfully lists all the ingredients it contains and earnestly promotes fat burning and weight loss.

What does one do when trying to find the right supplement?

Look at supplements that have been third-party tested. Some of the most popular labels you may see on supplements are that of BSCG Certified Drug-Free, Informed-Choice or (Informed-Sport), NSF Certified for Sport, and USP Verified. These third party test companies do independent testing to make sure the facilities comply with GMP requirements. “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label.” (

Supplement companies that look to establish security and trust in their products will look to get their product third-party tested to ensure customers feel comfortable and secure about what they are purchasing. Third-party testing will let the customer know that the ingredients listed are actually those in the supplement. They do not, however, confirm the effectiveness of the product itself, nor the safety of the product. Third-party testing checks a specific batch of each product. It cannot guarantee that the production of future batches will be made equally. Due to potential severe side effects, it is extremely important to know what you are consuming.

All of this gets very complicated and confusing which is why choosing a supplement company requires a lot of research and education–especially for athletes and those who are required to take drug tests for their occupation or throughout the course of their life. Supplements may include ingredients that can show up as a positive on a drug test, such as the case with epinephrine – which is why it is a banned substance. Those supplements that include natural products or substances found organically in the body are the supplements to lean towards.

Do your research and check for products that are third-party tested.

One of the companies with the highest quality supplements around is Advocare. It is third-party tested, approved by the NCAA, and the IOC, International Olympic Committee. It has been proven to be safe for athletes and provide the results every individual is looking for.

It is also important to be sure about what your goals are when looking into supplements.

Are you looking into supplements that aid in muscle growth and repair? If so, you would look at supplements that provide an abundance of branch chain amino acids.

Are you trying to increase your core body temperature to encourage fat burning and fat loss? You may begin to look at thermogenics.

Are you looking to gain muscle mass with and provide your muscles with an abundance of energy to endure a longer work out with heavier weights? You may want to look for supplements that contain more creatine.

Being specific about your goals will then determine which type of supplement you should begin to focus on. Supplementation, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise, are the keys to overall weight and fat loss.

Why Olympic Lifting and Should You Integrate it Into Your Training?

During a four-year tour of duty with the United States Army where she worked as a combat engineer constructing bridges, Brittany received the “Soldier of the Year” award for her unit, two consecutive years in a row–an award given to soldiers for outstanding excellence among their peers. Afterwards, she decided to pursue her passion in the health and wellness field.

Brittany is no stranger to competitive sports, as she was a collegiate athlete when she attended Eastern Connecticut State University. Being an athlete all her life, Brittany has experienced injury and has learned the vital role that proper training plays in the success of an individual’s physical performance and mental aptitude.

As a recreational supervisor’s aid, Brittany designed and instructed numerous personal training circuits that were able to be form-fitted for each individual’s needs and desires. She has trained not only athletes, but also, those individuals who seek personal training as a means to improve their health and wellness.

Intrigued by the substantial benefits of physical exercise and proper nutrition on a person’s mental stability, emotional intelligence and overall happiness, Brittany endeavored to become a certified yoga and meditation instructor. As a practitioner of high intensity workouts, she also uses her knowledge and experience as a yoga instructor to build and strengthen muscle while also toning and revitalizing.

Brittany, is in the process of obtaining additional certifications and a more in-depth knowledge of the health & wellness field to maximize her ability to help every individual achieve their own optimal health through a holistic approach. As a means to touch the lives of as many people as possible, she also speaks Spanish.


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