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Drink a Gallon of Water a Day personal trainer West Hartford CT

The Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day
Advice from a West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer

“First of all,” said our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, “our bodies are made up of about 60%-70% water. It makes sense to be drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated.”

We all know that we should drink more water. We read it, and hear it every day. It’s healthy,and we should all be doing more things that are healthy for our bodies.


We discussed this very topic with our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer. We asked, “Is it really necessary to drink a gallon of water for good health?”


What he said may interest you, because it was certainly interesting to us.


We all know it is healthier to drink water than say, juice or soda (or alcohol). He tells us that water is more than just a healthy drink with zero calories, however.


“Considering that we cannot survive without the stuff for more than a week—in most cases, not three or four days—it makes sense to assume that water is important,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. “Every cell and organ in our bodies needs water to function. Every single one. So yes, it’s important, but how much is enough?”


He suggests making a conscious effort to take a gallon of water and continuously drink from it throughout the day. Or drink 16 eight ounce glasses (or eight 16 oz containers).


This is what you are going to notice if you can try it for at least a month:


Bloating:   Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer informed us that you will likely feel bloated during the first week. Your body is not used to this amount of water. It may seem you are drinking all the time. It is actually not easy. Not at first.


He suggests you stick with it, though. After the first week, you will not feel nearly as bloated as you do in the first week as your body will acclimate to the increased fluid consumption, and it will get more efficient at eliminating it.


Urinating a lot: Clearly, if you are drinking a lot, you will be going to the bathroom a lot too. It may be annoying at first, but you will get used to it. Your urine will be light in color, which is good.


Regularity: It will help you become more regular, said our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer.  Your body (intestines, colon) require water to help get rid of waste. Drinking a gallon of water will assist in elimination and that may mean you have a flatter tummy.


Clearer, better skin:  Water flushes out toxins in our bodies. That means not only our digestive waste, but it also helps to purge our skin of things that should not be there.  You should eventually begin to see clearer, less acne-ridden skin, due to your drinking a gallon of water, says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, but you may also notice greater elasticity in your skin because the hydration will plump it up. Your coloring may also be better, and you should notice less puffiness under your eyes. This is because when we don’t drink enough water, our body holds onto it more. When we are drinking enough water, our body will let go of the excess fluid, knowing that we are not withholding it.


More energy: “Think about it,” says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, “when your body does not have what it needs – in this case, water—it is going to be sluggish and not perform at its peak.”  He goes on to tell us that water acts as a lubricant for our organs, muscles, joints etc.  You will notice that when you are consuming a gallon of water a day, that you will have increased energy. In turn, it is going to help fuel your workouts.

“I often tell my clients,” said our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, “that if they are ever feeling too lethargic for a workout, or maybe just being able to get through their workday, to try drinking a couple of glasses of water. It helps!”


Your goal should be to drink a gallon of water a day. Try it for a month. You will notice that the more water you drink, the more you will start to crave it.


If you fall short of one full gallon, but get close, don’t worry. You are still making strides in your water consumption.


One word of warning our personal trainer from West Hartford Connecticut gives us. There is such a thing as water toxicity, which basically means you shouldn’t drink too much water in too short a period of time.


Aim for a couple of glasses per hour but never drink a full gallon in two hours or less.