Is Exercise in the Cold a Good Idea in West Hartford CT

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Exercise in the Cold a Good Idea in West Hartford CT

Is Exercise in Cold Weather a Good Idea?
Advice from a West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer

According to our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, one should be aware that there are, in fact, some risks to exercising outside, when the air is frigid, especially if it’s below freezing.

As the weather starts to become cooler, many of us outside exercises may begin to wonder if we should bring our fitness routines inside.

We asked our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer what he thinks about cold weather exercising, mostly walking, running, skiing, ice skating, and the like.


While for the most part, exercising outside in cold weather should be safe, there are some things to be aware of and to watch for if you are thinking of taking your fitness regimen into the colder temperatures.


The main concerns are: frostbite, hypothermia and increased risk of heart attack.


The colder the air, the more serious the concern, says our  personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. Your lungs, for instance, were not designed to withstand breathing in large amounts of frigid air.  The jury is still out on whether or not this will do any damage to the lungs.


In addition, there is always the potential to slip and fall on ice, during the colder months.


Frostbite and hypothermia are two of the most major concerns, says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, because most of your body heat is lost through your skin and extremities. You don’t want your body temp to slip below 95 degrees.


You should always consult the advice of physician before exercising outdoors in colder weather, because certain medical conditions can be exacerbated outside in colder temperatures.  Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer also suggests dressing in layers of synthetic material that will wick moisture away from the skin.

He also suggests wearing a hat, gloves and scarf, along with sturdy footwear with good traction soles.

Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer warns you…

…against dressing too warmly as well.

Now for the good news: the benefits of cold weather exercise.


Because the heart works harder in cold weather, it should strengthen your heart by exercising outside in the cold, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer. The caveat is your heart should be strong enough to withstand the extra work.


Another benefit is that you will burn more calories.  Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer says that as the body works harder to regulate the core temperature, you should actually incinerate a few extra calories in the process, as compared with warmer weather workouts.


You’ll more than likely remember to warm up and cool down. In the cold, it is more important than ever to have an effective warm up and cool down segment to your workout. These are integral in keeping your body in top shape. And more importantly, these warm ups and cooldowns will help to prevent painful injuries.

The chilly air is more likely to tighten your muscles.


In addition, you are likely to feel more invigorated and in a better mood with cold weather exercise. The body will work harder to maintain its warmth and in doing so will produce a greater amount of endorphins, leaving you with a strong sense of well-being.


If finding the time to train or the cold weather exercise isn’t for you, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, you are always welcome to book a session with him at our Newington Connecticut personal training facility. The weather inside is always fine and we will teach you all you need to know about eating the right carbs and grains!