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No matter what your age, goals or current condition, we can design a routine to build your best body!

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Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results!”
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Amy Personal Trainer Rocky-Hill CT rating

Bill-Adult-Personal-Training-Rocky-Hill CT

Bill Y.
“I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played.”
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Bill Personal Trainer Rocky-Hill CT rating


Bill Yeager- President of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition


Find Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT

Each Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT will be ready to work with you to reach your fitness goals in either Rocky Hill CT or one of our close-by locations! Are you ready to take the next step?

We have certified and professional trainers to help you reach your fat loss, tone, muscle building and fitness goals. Our Rocky Hill CT Personal Trainers work with you to provide personable, encouraging guidance to help motivate you to live your life to the fullest. If you are looking for help with fat loss or even weight gain, want to build muscle, or just get in shape, Horizon works with only the best Personal Trainers in Rocky Hill CT to help you achieve your health and wellness goals for a lifestyle.

Dan Personal Trainer Rocky Hill CT

Your Rocky Hill Connecticut Personal Trainer

We have a vision for the future of Personal Trainers in Rocky Hill CT and have dedicated ourselves to creating a results-based and professional environment for clients.

In the past, people have had to choose between a commercial fitness center and a private fitness studio. They could go to a large gym chain and jockey for equipment in what is often an intimidating setting that may not be worth the money or monthly fees they lock you into. The other option was a private studio, which generally offers a higher quality of training and a less intimidating environment, but with limited space and equipment.

At Horizon, our goal is to achieve the best of both worlds. We have the perfect size to cover the equipment needed while still being a private training studio to accommodate your need of a Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT. Of course all the best amenities won’t help if you don’t have the inspiration or the right coach to use it safely and effectively. Our Personal Trainers in Rocky Hill CT have what it takes to help bring your training to the next level!

Personal Trainer Rocky Hill CT Dan

Why Our Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT

There are several important reasons to hire one of our Personal Trainers in Rocky Hill CT.
For people getting started, weights and exercise training machines can be puzzling and threatening. Hiring a professional to get you started will increase the efficiency or your workouts, and reduce the likelihood of injury.

For people who have a basic understanding of weights and exercise, hiring one of our Personal Trainers in Rocky Hill CT is like taking an advanced class that will propel you much further faster toward your goals. It’s an opportunity to learn valuable training philosophies and techniques from a different viewpoint, and launch your training to a new level!

A good Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT will also provide the enthusiasm and encouragement you need to keep you going, and keep you accountable to do the things you may not do on your own. If you just want a few sessions to learn some new skills to spice up your workout, or want someone long term to launch you into a much healthier lifestyle, we will help you get you to where you want to be!

Professional Rocky Hill CT Personal Trainer

Have you been unsuccessful with a Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT before? Here at Horizon, we welcome only the best trainers in the business that has an established reputation, exercise science degree or nationally reputable certification. Not only is information and wisdom essential to us, but personality is just as important as well. You’ve got to like your trainer and we’ve got to like working with them! We think it’s important to keep a FUN, positive energy level and we choose our co-workers that provide that.

Because of our energetic and experienced Rocky Hill CT Personal Trainers and because we have the best fitness resources available, I know you will love your experience here at Horizon Personal Training Centers.

Youth Personal Trainer Rocky Hill Connecticut

Affordable Personal Trainer in Rocky Hill CT

Rocky Hill CT Personal Trainers realize that hiring a fitness professional does take a financial commitment, and because of that, we have designed several different options that most people can afford. We pride ourselves in first listening to your goals and designing a program around them which include the budget you give us. For clients who cannot afford a long-term commitment, we can always tailor a shorter program designed to teach you how to do it on your own or you can also join our semi-private personal training sessions. We even have long-term clients who will train with us periodically and therefore progress at their own pace.

We also offer partner training sessions, where you can train with a friend to help defer the cost of your training. This style of training may not be for everyone, but sometimes can be a viable option and fun to do with a friend or family member!


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