How Do I get More Activity in Day-to-Day Life? Answers a Newington CT Personal Trainer

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Newington CT Personal Trainer Answers: How Do I get More Movement and Activity into My Day-to-Day Life?

So, you have hired a Personal Trainer in Newington, CT to help to get yourself into tip top shape. Great!

You’re doing group training as well as one-on-one training to help get you shredded, burn those calories and lose that extra weight. Awesome!

You’re watching what you eat.  You’re trying to limit your sugar and alcohol intake; you’ve increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet; you’re eating leaner sources of protein, you’re working on cutting down on the processed foods you eat, and you’ve even weaned yourself from taking cream in your coffee to taking it black/no sugar. Good for you!

You are on the right track to being a healthier, leaner, happier version of you!

But our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says you can do even more.

“Little things add up to big gains.”

We have all heard this before.  It’s not rocket science, right?

Below, are some ideas to get you going, offered up by our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer:


  1. Park farther away!

You’ve heard this, so why are you still looking for the closest spot to the door of Stop n Shop or the library or the post office? You’re not always pressed for time, are you?

Start parking a little farther away.

Then make a goal to increase a couple of spaces every time you go. Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says, “The bonus is that if you do this all the time, those extra steps start to really add up. You’ll get used to it, and make it a habit, and you’ll eventually wonder why you used to look for the closest parking space.”


  1. Take the stairs, not the elevator or escalator!

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer told us this, “I had a client who was going on a cruise. She wanted to enjoy eating the food on that cruise, in moderation, of course. That client had a stateroom on the very lowest deck, and every day would take the stairs exclusively to anywhere in the ship. She never used the elevator. And she never gained an ounce on that trip. Coincidence? I think not.”

Granted, she also used the ship’s gym a few times, but she wanted to enjoy the food and therefore, she put a lot of extra effort into climbing, sometimes, 10 floors of stairs at a time. She considered it a personal challenge. She was thrilled when she got back and found that the scale didn’t go up at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Often, it will take longer for the elevator to come, then it will be for you to climb those stairs.

Again, every little bit helps and climbing stairs is a wonderful way to incinerate those extra calories.


  1. Walk (or bike, or skate)—don’t drive—when you can!

When it’s nice out, take advantage of the weather. Schedule some extra time to get to where you need to be, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, so that you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You’re having fun while you get to your destination.

Better yet, take a friend or your kids with you. It’s always more fun to go with someone, and if you have children, you will teach them to have fun through fitness.


  1. Don’t Email someone if you can get up and give them the message personally!

At work, deliver the message when you can. This may not always work, in the interest of efficiency, but start asking yourself if it will at certain times.

At home, don’t call your neighbor, walk to his/her house to deliver the message.



  1. Dance around in your kitchen!

Seriously, but it doesn’t have to be limited to your kitchen. Are you ironing? Loading the dishwasher? Folding laundry? Making dinner? Throw on some tunes and start jamming.  The extra movement will not only burn extra calories, but it will also make you feel great and elevate your mood!


  1. Walk the dog, instead of having someone else do it!

Your dog needs exercise. We all do. Don’t just have the kids or the spouse do it. Enjoy walking your dog whenever you can. Our Newington Connecticut personal Trainer says that people underestimate the amount of good a simple walk can do. Not only for burning calories, but again, for elevating your mood and for getting some fresh air.


  1. Pace while talking on the phone!

You may not be aware but pacing equals walking. Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer said that his mom always paces when she is on the phone. She’ll walk through the whole house, not even realizing it, while on the phone with a friend.

If you like long phone conversations with your bestie, make it a habit to keep standing and start pacing.


  1. Fidget!

Yes, even the smallest movements will help to burn extra calories.  Studies show that people who naturally fidget, and who can’t stay still, have the greatest likelihood of being in a normal, healthy weight range.


  1. Gardening and Chores count as Movement!

Love to garden? Awesome. Because it’s hard work, and definitely extra movement.  Like to vacuum? Great, because that counts too. In fact, doing household chores with a purpose will assist the calorie burn. While we wouldn’t suggest forgoing the work out at the gym, we definitely would recommend adding household chores to your list of how to get more activity in your daily routine.

What other ways can you think of to get in more movement and activity in your daily schedule?


These are some great tips from our personal trainer in Newington, to learn more about staying fit on vacation, read on!

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