Importance of Cleanliness in a Gym Facility Facts from a Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

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Cleanliness in a Gym Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer


The Importance of Cleanliness and New Equipment in a New Gym Facility; Important Facts from a Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

Our Newington location is our newest location, and not only will you see brand new equipment strategically placed to maximize our space, but you will see our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers doing their best to maintain it!

We all know that going to exercise at a gym is a healthy activity—one that builds lean muscle, burns fat, and gets our heart in tip top shape!

And we also know that eating clean—whole grains, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean protein, and limiting sugar and alcohol—is a great way to fuel our bodies and help with our health.
But according to our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, there is something that many people over look when they are considering their health, and the good they are doing in the gym.

Have you ever stopped to consider the cleanliness…of your GYM?

How about the orderliness of your gym? The newness and upkeep of the equipment?


Equipment: How often does this happen in YOUR gym?

The treadmill is busted. By the time management finds out about, 5 or 6 days have gone by. Then, by the time Management has put a sign on the treadmill (or other piece of equipment) telling users it’s busted, another few days have passed.

By the time someone comes out to fix the equipment, it could be weeks, or even months.

Our equipment in the Newington Location (and other locations) is not only new, but when something breaks or is worn, our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers are on it! It is part of the job of our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers to check equipment daily and clean it for optimum performance weekly.

This way, when something does break, we are aware immediately. And it is fixed immediately.

All of our equipment is up to code and is state of the art. And of course, our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers know best how to use that equipment and to help our clients reach their goals but coaching and educating them in the proper use and form.


How Clean is YOUR gym?

Have you ever gone to the gym and found paper towels on the floor? Or the toilet is broken for days—or weeks? The paper towels and spray bottles with disinfectant, or the gym wipes are completely out? The free weights are not on their racks, but instead, are all over the floor? There are dust bunnies in the corners and the mirrors are streaked?

How can other gyms be so disorderly and downright dirty? Do they think clients will not notice? Yuck.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers take great pride in the orderliness and cleanliness of our facility.

They are required to clean the gym location daily; this includes filling gym wipes, sanitizer, soap, paper towels, and also, vacuuming and mopping.  Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers know that a clean, orderly gym is one that clients enjoy coming to.

It feels like a second home to them.

The more clients feel comfortable coming to the gym, the quicker our Newington Connecticut Personal  Trainers can help those clients meet and maintain their goals! Want to know more about how muscle mass plays a role in your results?



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