Importance of muscle confusion by your Personal Trainer in Newington CT

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muscle confusion by your Personal Trainer in Newington CT

Importance of muscle confusion by your Personal Trainer in Newington CT

Any reputable Newington CT Personal Trainer will tell you that it’s definitely a good thing to change things up every so often.

Our bodies adapt very quickly to stimuli that we provide it. As a result, if you are looking to change your body, by Personal Training (with one of our Personal Trainers in Newington, Connecticut or elsewhere), you will need to change up your routine.

That means changing up your workout and training, changing your food intake—both the amount, and types of food, and even changing your everyday habits, so that your body is constantly “confused” and so it will then produce the change you want to see.

Reputable Newington CT Personal Trainer

Change in Workout Routine—Our Personal Trainers in Newington, CT will change your training routine so that you can maximize your efforts when you are in the gym.

Small changes can go a long way. For instance, if you are used to doing flat bench press exercises with a barbell, our Newington Personal Trainers know that by raising the incline, (or making it a decline press), and by raising the weight amount and doing fewer repetitions, OR by lowering the weight amount every so often and doing many repetitions,  or by utilizing dumbbells as a change, your body will be more likely to respond, so that you can obtain greater gains in muscle strength and fat loss.

There are many ways to change up one’s workout routine, so that you don’t plateau and so you continue to see results! Our Newington Personal Trainers are well aware of this.

Newington CT Personal Trainer Nutrition Change

Change in Nutritional Program—you may not realize it but by eating the same thing day in and day out, your body may also adapt, thereby producing a plateau for your results.  Our Newington CT Personal Trainers know this as well.

They will be able to work with you to change up your eating habits every so often, to increase your water intake to flush out toxins and get your body in optimal working order, and to ensure it’s burning maximum fat.

Maybe you’re getting tired of eating broccoli, pasta and chicken. Our Newington Personal trainers can help you change up your food staples with equivalent clean foods, and can always give you some fun and creative recipe options, and/or some food supplements like bars and shakes, to keep your food program exciting. Perhaps you can exchange the chicken and broccoli for some lean pork loin or turkey cutlets and spinach, kale or brussel sprouts. Change is key for diet as well as exercise.

Newington CT Personal Trainer knows to change

Change in General Routine—Keep in mind little changes can add up to big results. You’ve heard it before, but our Newington Personal Trainers will tell you: Take the stairs instead of the elevator; Park farther away at the grocery store and walk, instead of parking right in front; maybe you did your workout today at the gym but go for a leisurely walk for fun and you’ll burn more calories and increase your endurance; instead of emailing a co-worker, take a walk over to their desk and deliver a message.

All of these little things, added up over time, will get you more active, and will help to change your body.

The Rule of Thumb here is if you want to change your body, continue to change up your routines in many aspects of your life.

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