Importance of Supplementation as told by a Newington CT Personal Trainer

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Importance of Supplementation as told by a Newington CT Personal Trainer

Importance of Supplementation as told by a Newington CT Personal Trainer

If you are interested in Supplementation, what it could do for you and what kind of benefits you can expect, ask a Newington CT Personal Trainer!

At Horizon Personal Training, we offer Advocare brand supplements, and our Personal Trainers in Newington will not only educate you more about them, but they can also assist you in how to use them for optimal performance.

Firstly, Advocare is a leader in the sports supplement industry. Based on credible scientific research, Advocare supplements are created with high quality, safe, effective ingredients. The research team of  highly certified professionals at Advocare is dedicated to developing supplements to help clients with their nutrition and wellness.

Different suggestions by your Personal Trainer in Newington CT

Energy!  Any Newington CT Personal Trainer will tell you that having extra energy during a workout or throughout the day is a great thing!  Spark® drink mix contains 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help sustain your energy throughout the day, and especially to give you that extra oomph during a training session, and it comes in delicious fruity flavors.

Our Newington CT Personal Trainers Love to consume Spark® for their own personal energy needs!

Meal Replacements!  AdvoBar Meal replacement bars are a smart and delicious way to stick to your nutrition plan. Because our Newington CT Personal Trainers know, not only about personal training but also about Nutrition, they will be happy to explain the benefits of using these AdvoBars in accordance with a smart nutrition program. And yes, our Newington CT Personal Trainers consume these AdvoBars as well.

Dietary Nutrient Supplementation! Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers, through Advocare, can offer you a wide array of nutritional supplements– from appetite suppressants to metabolic enhancers, from vitamins and minerals to amino acids—that will assist in leaning you out, energizing you, helping you to focus, and assisting in building healthy muscle. The Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers use these types of supplements everyday, themselves, to allow for optimal performance.

These are just some of the products our personal trainers in Newington, Connecticut can suggest for you. There are so many more products available, depending upon your specific dietary and performance needs, your budget and what you’re looking to improve. Talk to a personal Trainer in Newington today! Also, if you are interested in dry needling, you can learn more.