Is Exercise Recommended for the Elderly

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Exercise Elderly Personal Trainer Newington CT

Is Exercise Recommended for the Elderly?

Advice from a Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer does acknowledge that starting an exercise regimen at an older age can be daunting.

It is no surprise that many of us tend to slow down with age.  It could be due to health problems, pains where we never had them before when we were younger, having become overweight (which in turn makes it much harder to move), and even worries of falling down.

Or maybe we are just tired. Too tired to exercise.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says that as we get older, making exercise a part of our lives is more important than ever!

In addition to boosting your energy levels, protecting your heart, helping to prevent and manage sickness and pain, and assisting in maintaining or losing excess weight, our Personal Trainer in Newington Connecticut says that it will also boost your memory and mood!


You will look better, feel better and potentially add years to your life, as well as quality.


You may have physical challenges, ailments and/or pain that disallow you to do certain exercises. But this does not mean that you have to undertake any seriously strenuous program. And it should not mean that you are incapable of any movement.

Exercise can indeed be fun!


“We have many elderly clients who come in to our club, and they love it,” says the Newington Connecticut personal trainer. “They find that after some commitment, and especially after working one-on-one with a certified personal trainer, that they have much greater mobility and an increase in energy. They find they want to move more, afterwards, and they also find that their little everyday tasks are greatly enhanced by the exercise that they do.”


Any movement is good for you, says our Newington Connecticut personal trainer. You don’t have to hire a personal trainer.

He suggests some of the following:


Strength and Resistance With Our Newington Connecticut personal trainer…

…says this is our specialty. Strength training builds muscle and there are many ways to do this from just your own body resistance to using free weights, barbells or machines. Strength training helps to prevent bone loss, builds metabolically active muscle and improves balance.

Cardio With Our Newington Connecticut personal trainer

Cardio will strengthen your heart. Think swimming, walking, jogging, tennis, stair climbing and even dancing. It lessens fatigue and improves blood circulation.

Flexibility: Stretching will make you move more fluidly and will increase your flexibility giving you a greater range of motion. This will help in your day to day activities.

Some Tips from our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer:

While exercise is good for most individuals, our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer suggests always getting clearance to exercise from your physician. Your doctor can help you determine where to start and at what level. Also you should ask if there are any activities or movements you should avoid.

Listen to your body. If you happen to feel extra short of breath, if you experience any pain or discomfort that you did not previously experience, if you start to feel faint or dizzy, if you feel overly lethargic, take a break. It is important that you heed any warning. As you build up your exercise, you will find it easier to do, without any ailments.

Ensure you warm up and cool down to avoid any injuries.

Start slow, but make sure you build up little by little to increase your endurance and capacity.

If you can, exercise with a buddy. This will help to keep you both motivated to continue and it will also be helpful if one of you gets injured or hurt.

Try your best to commit to a schedule. Building an exercise habit is key in maintaining your health and fitness levels and increasing your quality of life.


Your Personal Trainer in Newington CT always wants to make sure you remain safe and that you be very careful when it come to Olympic lifting and any age!

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