Mistakes You are Making Post-workout In West Hartford Connecticut

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Mistakes You are Making Post-workout In West Hartford Connecticut

Mistakes You are Making Post-workout
Advice from a West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer

We thought it would prudent to ask our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut what mistakes people make post-workout.

A few weeks ago, we talked to our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer about common mistakes that people make during their workouts.

He gave us an earful. See if you are making the same mistakes!


You aren’t stretching and/or cooling down after a workout with your West Hartford Trainer:

Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer said this is by far one of the main mistakes people make. We try to cut corners when we are short on time, he said.  As a result, what suffers is the cool down/post workout stretch.

Stretching helps the body recover, minimizing stiffness and helping to gain flexibility. He suggests not skipping the cooldown or the stretch.


You’re not eating post-workout and/or you’re not eating the right fuel with your West Hartford Personal Trainer:

This one is two-fold, says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut.  You may be guilty of one or both mistakes.

Refueling within one to two hours after your workout is important for recovery. Protein will help to repair the tears in your muscles and carbohydrates will replenish energy that is stored in your muscles that was used for your workout.’

Which brings us to the other half of the mistake: what are you eating post workout? If you’re grabbing a candy bar, that will undermine all your hard work. You must eat quality protein and carbs. Think eggs and oatmeal. Not white bread with jelly. Or, consume a quality protein shake with easily absorbed macro nutrients or a homemade smoothie with plain yogurt, fresh fruit  and a handful of nuts and leafy greens.

So, it’s not just important when you eat, after a workout, but also what you eat, of course. Make sure you are eating high quality food –a mix of protein, carbs and healthy fats—and reduce or eliminate the highly processed foods.


You Eat and Drink a lot, or practically Binge just because you worked out:

Which made our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer think of another mistake.

“Often, people will have a great workout, and think of it as a license to eat and drink whatever they want afterwards,” he says.  “Being healthy and fit means your diet is just as important as your workout. We cannot exercise only and expect our bodies to be healthy or weight to come off. We have to balance both.”

Does that mean you can never eat a cookie or have a beer? No. But it’s dangerous to get into the mindset that “just because I worked out today means I can eat and drink whatever I want with no consequences.”


Does your West Hartford Personal Trainer say You don’t drink enough water:

Remember, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it counts as water. He recommends avoiding liquid calories like juice, juice drinks, coffee drinks, alcohol, electrolyte-infused sports drinks, and the like.
“Our bodies are 70% water. We need to water to live. Realize that you don’t need the extra sugar and calories that all non-water drinks provide.”


You don’t get enough sleep:

This one is a tough one even for those who require more info while traveling, says our personal trainer from West Hartford, Connecticut. We all have so much to do in our day-to-day lives that it is very difficult to always get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a day. And besides, it is true that some people simply don’t require that much sleep.

Most of us do need 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye and it will only serve to increase our muscle repair, and lower our stress hormone production.

In addition, it is very difficult to have an amazing workout when you are tired. Plus, we tend to eat more and eat the wrong types of food, when we are tired.


Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut suggests that if you need help determining what the right type of macro nutrients and how much to eat, the contact any of our trainers in either of our locations, Horizon Personal Training in Newington or Cheshire and get some more info about some clean eating.

By doing what we suggest, you can not only see normal weight loss and muscle gains, but you will achieve many other foals as well, such as quicker recovery, an increase in quickness and speed for athletes and higher energy.

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