Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer answers When Should I Work Out vs Stay Home and Rest

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Exercise and Illness Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

Exercise and Illness—When Should I Work Out vs. Stay Home and Rest? Advice from a Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

The Rule of Thumb, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, is cold vs fever and above the neck vs. below the neck.

We all know that exercise is good for us!

But as the seasons change, we all know what that means.   Sickness ensues for many of us, especially going from Summer to Fall.

So, what does one do when one gets ill? To exercise or not to exercise? That is the question.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer knows all too well what can happen during cold and flu season. Our attendance at the gym often drops.

While we don’t want anyone to get more ill nor do we want to spread germs to other clients, there are certain rules of thumb that our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says we can all follow.

First of all, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, it should be noted that regular exercise can actually help prevent illness. Working your heart and muscles increases circulation which increases the optimum capacity of your immune system.

A strengthened immune system acts like a shield to guard against bacteria and viruses, and allows your body to deflect many sickness bugs.

But once you do catch something, what should you do?

Your Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer Answers Above the Neck

Above the Neck—exercise is generally all right if your symptoms are above the neck. So, if you have cold symptoms, stuffy or runny nose, scratchy throat or minor sore throat pain, sneezing, congestion, and no fever, you should be ok to continue with your exercise program. Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says that you might want to consider reducing the intensity and/or length of your workout, simply because often with a cold, you might experience fatigue.

But listening to your body is a good gauge. Often, a good workout can increase your breathing capacity and open up your nasal passage. If you feel miserable, however, then take a break.

Your Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer Answers Below the Neck

Below the Neck—exercise is generally not a good idea if your symptoms are below the neck or if you have a fever. If you have a hacking cough, chest congestion or an upset stomach, these are good reasons to stay home from the gym. Also, if you have widespread body aches, you need to rest.

The thing about fever is that exercise increases your body temperature. When you have a fever, it is dangerous to raise your body temperature any more than it is elevated already. You will feel worse, not better, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer.


There are always some exceptions to the rules. For instance, if you have an inner ear infection that is causing you to lose your balance or become dizzy, it is best to get better first. You don’t want to trip and fall during exercise.

Also, if you have a migraine headache, or just a very severe regular headache, it’s probably best to wait that one out.

Depending on your tolerance for discomfort, and also the severity of your symptoms, you may need to play it by ear and rest, and then hit it extra hard when you have recovered.

When in doubt, consult a physician and always listen to your personal trainer in Newington, CT, especially to avoid injuries.