Why we are personal trainers in Newington Connecticut

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why we are personal trainers in Newington Connecticut

Why We Do What We Do: A Message from Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be a Personal Trainer and in Newington, CT? Or what makes someone pursue the career of personal training? Or WHY someone decides to personally train people?

We asked a few of our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers how they got into this industry and why they do what they do.

First, of course, you must have an interest in–and a respect for–exercise and fitness, but you must also be passionate about it. Where does this passion come from?

One of our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers explained his background:

“I was a chubby and kind-of lazy kid. I wasn’t interested in sports, and I wasn’t good at playing them either. I got picked on up through and into high school. Then I started weight training, and fell in love with it! I transformed my body from chubby to strong.”

He goes on to say, “I decided that my major in college would be Exercise Science and Physiology. I transformed my body and wanted to help others transform theirs!”

This Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer wanted to effect a change in his clients, by helping that chubby, lazy kid come to love exercise like he did.


One of our other Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers has this to say:

“I saw my parents and grandparents go through life as obese, unhealthy adults plagued with health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high (and dangerous) cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, joint problems (likely, due to carrying too much weight on their body frames) and a host of other ailments that were directly caused by their weight issues, poor eating habits and severely sedentary lifestyle.

“I saw my grandparents die premature deaths because of ailments that they could have prevented, if only they had taken care of themselves.

“I vowed I would not stay in the cycle that my parents and grandparents did. I researched everything I could on proper nutrition and exercise. I, myself, saved up all my money during college so that I could hire a personal trainer for myself. I learned the right way to exercise and the proper way to fuel my body.”

This Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer went on to say, “Though I chose a different major in college, I ended up going back for Exercise Science because I realized that was my true passion. I broke the cycle of obesity that ran in my family, and I am determined to help others do the same by educating them. I want to preach the benefits of healthful eating and correct and proper exercise. People have NO IDEA how powerful this stuff is! It’s essentially preventative medicine!”


Still another one of our Newington Connecticut personal trainers had a brief experience with anorexia. She wants people to know that you CAN make it back from such a disease. She was never overweight, but developed an unhealthy relationship with food, due to many factors in her life during her formative years.

Her mom brought her to a training center to work with a trainer, in hopes that the trainer would not only help to develop muscle and teach the proper way to exercise (and to have the proper amount), but also to teach her the importance of eating correctly.

She was able —with help from a therapist, a doctor and even her trainer—to emerge from the beginnings of the disease. And now she wants to help others like her.


It seems that there is more to being a (Newington Connecticut) Personal Trainer than just loving exercise! All of our trainers each have a passion to help others! Learn some more about myths!

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