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Supplementation Brittany L. There is value to supplementation and, also, there are precautions that need to be taken when looking
Creatine By Brittany L. Why is creatine the number one supplement for improving exercise performance? Studies have proven time and
Time Under Tension By Brittany L. What is “Time Under Tension”? Time Under Tension refers to how long a muscle
Why Olympic Lifting and Should You Integrate it Into Your Training? By Brittany L There has been a rise in
The Importance of Your Heart Rate By Brittany L. What is the importance of your heart rate? You have the
Why Caffeine? By Brittany L. Caffeine has been shown to stimulate fat loss, assist in weight management and improve performance
What Are Macronutrients and Why Are They Important? By Brittany L. Strength and conditioning can only get you so far
Why Every Athlete Should Practice Yoga By Brittany L. There is a stereotype that has been associated with practicing yoga
The Significance of Weight Training in Relation to Weight Loss By Brittany L. Humans have this innate and natural tendency
Planes of Motion: Exercising for Success! By Daniel F. When creating a workout, it is imperative to ensure that you
Sugar, Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohols By Daniel F. One of the most controversial topics in the health and wellness industry
The Client-Trainer Agreement By Dan F. The best trainers can--and should--be measured by the success of their clients. The only
Tapping to Success By Dan F. What does tapping actually mean? With the current popularity of mixed martial arts, tapping
Alcohol and Weight Loss By Dan F.   As the temperature warms up, and we move into Summer, people are
Change of Direction; Skills of an Athlete By Daniel F. When training athletes, one of the most important skills to
Goblet Squats By Daniel Fischman   Want to learn how to squat properly? Then guess what you need to do. 
Corrective Exercises By Dan F.   What exactly are corrective exercises? One of the more recent trends in the fitness
Better Fat Burn with “Complexes” By Daniel F. Want a better Fat Burn? Two things that most people look for
When are Shin Splints Not Just Shin Splints By Dan F. Shin splints have, over time, become a generic term
Preventing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes By Dan F.   Most athletes are aware of the danger of injuries, and
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