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Why It Should Never Be Easy By Dan F. In my experience, one the biggest misconceptions of a new exerciser,
Bulgarian Split Squat as an Alternative to the Back Squat By Dan F. Over the last 10 years as one
Training for Mountain Bikers By Dan F. Just like with any sport, recreational or competitive, Mountain Bikers can improve their
Try Skiing or Snowboarding to Complement Your Fitness Routine! Skiing and snowboarding are two activities for the brave-at-heart. While so
Geriatric Personal Fitness Training in CT We all know that with age comes many pros and cons. Unfortunately, time and
What Is the Core? If you have been in or around a gym, seen any Instagram workout pages or read
Concussions in Girls Soccer When most people think about concussions in youth athletes, the first sport that comes to mind
Knowing About Muscle Fiber Types What is muscle fiber type and why is it important for your personal fitness training?
The Skinny on Saturated Fat Expert Advice from our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer
Newington CT’s Top Personal Trainer Tells You The Hidden Secret to Weight Loss! So you want to know what the
Newington, CT’s Top Personal Trainer Answers the Supplement Question Dan F. one of Newington Connecticut’s top Personal Trainers answering the
My name is Daniel Fischman and I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer in Connecticut
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