Personal Training in West Hartford CT with a friend

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Personal Training in West Hartford CT with a friend

Working out with a friend

Advice from a West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer

Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer told us a few reasons why it is beneficial to work out with a friend.

A friend of mine was a swimmer in high school. I asked her one day why she enjoyed swimming so much. Didn’t the swim practices become tedious, day in and day out? Wasn’t it boring?

Her reply to me was that she loved it. She loved the solitude of just shutting off the world and being inside her own thoughts, while she was swimming.
Maybe some of us do that with running, or riding our bike.


“The first great thing about working out with a friend is that it provides accountability for you both,” he said. “Many people start a new fitness program only to get bored or tired of it. They start to make excuses, and suddenly their fitness program is done, practically before it even started.”


Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut told us that most habits take 28 days or more to actually be considered a habit.  If you are accountable to your workout friend, that goal of making fitness a habit will be easier to achieve. Making plans with a friend to exercise will make it more likely for you both to show up to the appointment. Just don’t choose a workout friend who is unreliable.


Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut gave us an obvious reason for working out with a friend. “Quite simply, it’s more fun,” he said. “If you find exercise a chore, or mundane, doing it with a friend makes it more like a fun event. And what is better than growing an already-existing bond with your pal, than by sweating and working hard together?”


Competition and motivation are more reasons.

“Got a competitive friend?” asks our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer. “What better way to keep you motivated than to work out with a friend who is competitive? It will get you both working at your peak performance, and you will both strive harder to reach your fitness goals.”

This is true. Think about how much easier it is to go that extra mile (figuratively and literally) if you are alongside someone who is competing against you.


For those of us who work out alone, and without a personal trainer, have you ever wanted to increase the weight you are lifting on a bench press or a shoulder press, but were afraid to because you did not have someone to spot you just in case you dropped it?

“Workout friend equals instant spot,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. “You should make sure you utilize each other to your full potential.”


Working out with a buddy can be more affordable.

How? Did you ever want to hire a personal trainer but found it was a bit pricey for you? Well, our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut tells us that often, when you hire a Personal Trainer with a partner, you can save money on services. Horizon’s partner sessions are a great deal, and each of you will still get the personalized attention you deserve.  So, don’t go it alone! You will also learn nutritional services and be able to know your fats better!


Often workout partners will achieve better results! When you think about all of the reasons why it is great to enter into a fitness program with a friend, all the telltale signs are there. You are more likely to continue and reach your fitness goals, and better yet, stay consistent.

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