How Do I Stay Fit On Vacation? Advice from a Personal Trainer in Newington CT

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personal trainer in Newington CT fit on vacation

How Do I Stay Fit While I’m On Vacation?

Advice from a Personal Trainer in Newington CT


We asked our Personal Trainer from Newington Connecticut what she thought about the subject.

You have been working it at the gym for months now and have been watching what you eat in order to fit into your bikini or perhaps to show off your muscle tone at the beach.

It’s finally time to go on your long-awaited break.

But how do you ensure you have a great time on your vacation without undoing all the good you have done?

“There are many things you can do to make sure you stay in somewhat of a routine while on your vacation. Be proactive. Search for ways you can work out before you go away. Also, stay active doing fun things that don’t even seem like they are exercise.”

Below is a list of some things that our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer suggests.



Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer told us about a client who just came back from a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. She said that her client gained zero weight, and had the same body fat percentage as she did when she did before she left on her trip.

What did she do? Not eat at all?

On the contrary.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer told us what she did.

“She had a stateroom on the lowest deck. Every day she resigned herself to walking the stairs, exclusively, instead of taking the elevator. In ten days, she took the elevator only once, and would walk 10 flights at a time, up and down.

She also used the ship’s gym several times. She carved out some time nearly every day to at least get in some cardio, but often while there, she lifted weights as well. In addition, she indulged in the wonderful food, but she ate till she was satisfied or content, not over full. Furthermore, she consciously left food on the plate instead of consuming the entire thing.

Furthermore, she went on excursions. And she limited herself to one alcoholic beverage a day.”

According to our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, all of these things added up for the client. She was able to enjoy herself in moderation, but she was also moving more than what her normal sit-down job allowed her to do.

You, too, can employ these strategies when on a cruise ship.



Staying in a Hotel? Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer suggests you simply seek one out that has a gym or workout room. Or, an indoor and outdoor pool if you like to swim. Knowing that there is a place for you to exercise, and planning to bring workout clothes will help you stay on track. Go early so you can then enjoy the rest of the day with your family or friends who are with you.

Even a little bit helps.

Maybe you are staying in a mom and pop place, a Bed and Breakfast or a Motor Lodge-type place. Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says to do some reconnaissance work beforehand.
“If you  know that the lodging is not the type to have a hotel gym, then google area gyms beforehand. Often there is one around the corner or within a few miles. Call them up and ask what their policy is on week-long memberships or other types of guest memberships. Sometimes for as little as $20, you can get a week-long membership. This will help you stay on track. Make it part of your routine even while on vacation!”


Camping/Remote Locale:

Sometimes, you may be going away to a remote location. If you’re camping or going somewhere that there simply is no gym or civilization around you, there are still things you can do to exercise, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer.

If you are going to the great outdoors, you have your workout right there in front of you.

Walking is still great exercise. Moving burns calories, and walking and hiking will always help your endurance.

Play a game of tennis or throw the ball around—all good exercise, and you won’t even realize you are exercising!

Need more?


Whether you are in lodging with no gym or camping or in a remote location, you can always make some time for body resistance exercises.

Think Push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, lunges, dips (with a chair), squats, high jumps, planks, side planks. There are a host of things you can do that do not require equipment that will continue to shape your body.


Do a search for resistance exercises that you can do without equipment. There are tons of articles and how-tos on the internet. Print out the list and resign yourself to performing some body resistance training there in your hotel room.

Better yet, get the whole family to join in.

With a little planning, and some determination, you can have not only a happy and fun vacation, but a healthy one as well.

We have so much to share with you because we are so excited about being a personal trainer in Newington to get you results, here is our WHY!