Should I Strengthen My Core? Answers Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer

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Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer Answers: Should I Strengthen My Core?

We talked to a Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer who knows a lot about your core and why you should strengthen it.

There are many buzz words in the fitness industry today. Working your “core” is a ubiquitous saying.

But what is your “core”? Why do I need to strengthen it? Is it difficult to do? And how do I get started?


What is Your Core? Isn’t it just a fancy way of saying your “abs”?
Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says, “your core is, essentially, your torso. But it is so much more than that. In its broadest term, your core is made up of multiple muscles that you use to stabilize your body in everyday tasks, as well as sports and other activities as well. It includes muscles in your stomach, and also, your mid and lower back, and even your hips, shoulders and glutes.” A movement that works your core is going to work more than just a single muscle group. Thus, you will see results much faster.

Why should I strengthen my core?

According to our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, everyone should be strengthening their core muscles and for good reason!

First, our core muscles protect our inner organs.

Second, our core will not only help us to perform every day acts –like reaching for something on a high shelf, bending down to pick something up on the floor, or just standing stationary– but it can help to prevent injury.

But performing even the simplest (or complex) everyday tasks will be aided by a strong core.

A healthy strong core doesn’t just mean your abs. It means a healthy strong back. Your back is used for so many standard functions, and we often don’t realize this, until we compromise our backs with injury.

In fact, when back pain strikes, physical therapists will often prescribe a series of simple core exercises to assist in the healing of the back injury and in the prevention of future back injuries.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer says that Balance and Stability are huge benefits of strengthening your core.  When your core is developed, the tightening and squeezing of your core muscles actually will help you stabilize yourself in even the bumpiest terrain.

Core exercises will help you to lessen your risk of falling, thereby preventing further injury.

In addition to the above, a strong core will allow you to stand and walk with a strong and confident posture. A slumped posture will cause anyone to appear weak or defeated and under-confident. Good posture allows you to appear confident and in control.

There are a lot of internal benefits to a strengthened core, aside from the typical beach-ready appearance that we all long for.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers can help you work and strengthen your core. Our group training program includes core work, and our Personal Training sessions will get you on your way to a strong, developed muscular core.


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