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Magic of Exercise

Important Information from our West Hartford, Connecticut Personal Trainer

Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut says that essentially some movement is better than no movement.

“Your muscles will atrophy with no movement at all. Really, it’s use it or lose it.”

We all know that there is no “magic bullet” to becoming fit. It takes hard work and consistency oftentimes, but according to our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer, there is a little bit of “magic” to even a single workout, or a minimal routine.


Single Workout with your West Hartford Personal Trainer:

Many people may believe that doing one (or even skipping one) workout won’t have a big impact on your body’s health. Our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer thinks otherwise. He says that studies show that even one single workout can affect your body in surprising ways.

When you keep up the habit, you can compound the benefit which will add up to lots of positive changes.


A Swedish study shows, says our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer, that one’s DNA could be altered by one bout of exercise. Our DNA is inherited from our parents, but lifestyle factors do play a part in “triggering” certain genes, like, in this case, strength and metabolism.


Also, says our Personal Trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, our moods will improve. Our brain will start to release a number of different feel-good chemicals like endorphins, serotonin and the like. These chemicals are known for the feelings of well-being they produce in someone.


Stress will dissipate and your focus will increase, says our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer. “I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes,” he says. “We have clients come in down in the dumps, and wound pretty tight. After one session, their demeanor has improved. We also have youth athletes come in to train, and I notice a difference in their focus, as well, after one session.”


Our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer goes on to say that there was at least one study that indicates one workout could improve insulin sensitivity (which can lead to diabetes). Therefore, that one sweat session can change how fat is metabolized in your muscles and protect you from diabetes.


Your West Hartford Personal Trainer about Minimal Exercise:

There is magic in the minimal. Lots of people assume that you have to do long, hard, vigorous workouts to see the magic happen. This is not necessarily true, says our West Hartford Connecticut Personal trainer. This can even be true while trying to survive the holidays.


Doing something minimal is vastly more important than doing nothing at all.


According to at least one report, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, the guidelines for exercise in America are 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week, or 75 minutes of vigorously intense exercise each week. Roughly translated, that means about 20 minutes of moderate exercise or 10 minutes of vigorous exercise per day.


In a newer study, the minimum recommended amount of exercise (say, 20 minutes per day of walking) cut people’s chance of dying prematurely by about 33%.


Still other studies seem to show that the first initial amount of exercise is where one gets the best benefit. Just be careful of the whole no pain no gain mentality.


In accordance with the findings of the above-mentioned study, sedentary workers reduced their risk of premature death by a third, just by getting up and walking around for a couple of minutes every hour.


Doing a little can be difficult if you are accustomed to doing nothing, says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. And the first few minutes are usually the hardest. But if one can start out slow, and then increase a little each week (or each workout), incorporating intervals of slow and fast paced periods (30 seconds to a minute in length), one will find that their workout will eventually increase, and their fitness level will too. Eventually, 10 minutes becomes 20 minutes, and 20 minutes becomes 30, etc.


The end result, of course, is that your heart will be healthier, you will feel better and you will even look better, all from a small amount of exercise.

And that, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, is the REAL magic, someone that can identify anything wrong with your fitness routine in Connecticut!