How to use motivation to Reach Goals with a Personal Trainer in Newington CT

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How to use motivation to Reach Goals with a Personal Trainer in Newington CT

Reach Goals Personal Trainer in Newington CT

In my years as the top personal trainer in Newington CT, motivation has always been a consisted issue with the majority of my clients. We all get it, we know we need to workout, we know its good for us, we’ve heard about the health benefits, BUT there is always something gets in the way. Whether life takes affect or you just don’t feel like it that day. I always tell clients that it is called working out because it takes work. When I say this I am not just referring to the work that is done in the gym, but all the work that has to happen outside of the gym. This work includes eating right and finding the motivation to show up.

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So how do we as personal trainers in Newington Connecticut figure out how to motivate the client? Well first and foremost there is not one single way to motivate ALL clients. Every person is an individual and will respond quite differently to different stimuli. Some clients thrive with an aggressive approach, some clients need a caring approach, some just need to be told what to do and left alone to do it. If you pick the wrong motivational tactic for the wrong client, you and they will never succeed. So the biggest thing I can say to any trainer is to KNOW YOUR CLIENTS and for clients to try and know what you respond to. When a clear and open line of communication is created everyone will succeed.

As for the motivation to workout, there is a reason a client has searched out the help of a professional. They either don’t know how to get to their goals or they need the accountability to make sure that they get to their goal. The only thing I will ask of client is just show up. If you just show up, we can get something accomplished. If you aren’t feeling it that day, just show up, lets figure out what’s going on and lets get through it. Some of my best workouts ever have been on days where I wasn’t feeling it. I had to break through that barrier and get started. If a client just shows up, the battle is already won because now we as personal trainers in Newington CT can walk them through that barrier.

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Now how can personal trainers in Newington CT teach clients to have the intrinsic motivation to do what they need to do on their own? This includes eating right and doing those extra workouts on their own. The best tool I’ve found is the simplest. Clients seek help of a professional because they have goals. It is necessary to keep these goals in front of a client at all times. Remember, every client will respond differently to different stimuli, so how you present this goal reminder is crucial. But no matter how it is presented this needs to be the underlying tone of the conversation. We have a goal, and to get you there you to do the following.

I learned very early on that you cannot force some one to do anything they don’t want to do, or aren’t ready to do. When a client seeks the assistance of a nationally certified personal trainer, it is because they want a goal and hopefully they are ready to do what it takes to reach it. As a trainer it is our job to guide the client on the path to their goal. We mast have all the tools necessary to show a client how to obtain their specific goal and be ready to handle any speed bumps. When clients seek help they are also saying that they need accountability. It is the responsibility of the trainer to provide that accountability with frequent check-ins and multiple lines of communication.

So in closing the best thing a Newington CT personal trainers can do to build motivation, is to know their clients; know their goals; and know how to reach those goals. For clients this biggest thing you can do to help yourselves is just show up! If you show up, you will succeed!

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