West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer using Dance

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West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer using Dance

Dancing for Better Fitness?

Suggestions from Our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer


Dancing? Really? You probably would not think that a personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut would recommend dancing as a fitness regimen.


Dancing, however, is great exercise. Depending on the type of dancing you do, you can tighten your core, and work all major muscle groups, in addition to getting an-often-great cardiovascular workout.


Since Horizon’s Cheshire location is starting to offer Zumba classes, we thought we would see what our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer had to say about dancing, Zumba and other dance-like exercise.


“If you love to dance, and that is the only activity that will keep you motivated to continue your exercise and fitness journey, then I am all for it,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. “Any movement is good for your health, if you are consistent with it. Not everyone likes sports, and not everyone enjoys lifting weights or running, and I understand that.”


Since there are many different types of dancing, it is important for you to pursue that which is the most fun for you.


From tap dancing, to jazz and lyrical or ballet, to salsa and merengue, hip hop, ballroom dancing and even square dancing and capoeira, there is surely a type of dance that will appeal to nearly everyone.


“The best thing about dancing,” says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, “is that it does not feel like exercise. People just have fun with it.”


Dance makes people feel good, and it’s intensely fun.


Ballroom dancing is a classic type of dance. Many ballroom type dances, like the Waltz for instance, are not high intensity cardio, but these slower dances will still tighten your core, and get you moving.

Other types of ballroom dance, like the Swing or Foxtrot, can be highly aerobic, once you get to know them. The idea is to move. If you can move faster, increase your cardio and sweat—even better.


“Ballet dancing is good for your core, and fantastic to stretch you out so that you can become more flexible,” says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer. “In the same vein, lyrical, contemporary and jazz styles of dance are based on the foundation of ballet.”


Ballet, jazz and lyrical/contemporary dancers will definitely work up a sweat.


Tap dancing is mostly done with the feet, and typically will not incorporate leaps and jumps like ballet, jazz and contemporary styles; however, make no mistake. It can be an incredibly effective workout.

A common tap dance that has been around in tap dancing circles, known as the Shim Sham, will definitely get your heart moving. And, if you can learn a choreographed tap dance, you may be surprised at how good of a workout it can be.


Hip Hop has grown in popularity over the last couple of decades. Using intense “thump-driven” urban beats and setting concise, fast and sharp movements to those beats, Hip Hop has become a staple in our society’s way of dancing. It can be as easy or as challenging as the instructor will make it, but you will definitely derive some good cardio out of it.


“Based on Hip Hop and Latin-style dancing, Zumba has found its way into the mainstream,” explains our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut.  “I’ve seen our Zumba instructors, and it’s more than just a great workout through dancing to fantastic hard-driving music. Zumba followers have found a way of life!”


Zumba can be modified for the beginner, but it offers a potentially intense cardiovascular workout.


Capoeira isn’t as popular as Zumba but it is a Brazilian-originated type of “dance” that also incorporates elements of martial arts. It is known for its quick and complex maneuvers, and its kicks and turns and other techniques. It is starting to catch on more in the states, but it is definitely an effective workout.


“If you are not sure what type of dance best suits you,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, “it would be prudent to look into different styles, since there are simply so many.”


Try Square dancing, techno, belly dancing, or make up your own.

Just dance around your house for an hour each day, and you will have fun with movement.

Looking to gain weight with your personal trainer? There is definitely a right and wrong way of doing so!

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