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What type of Workout Gear do I need to Get in Shape?

Advice from Newington Connecticut’s Personal Trainer

We asked our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer for suggestions on what to wear and what to look for in gear, for the optimal experience at the gym.

Many people don’t realize that the type of gear you use to work out—either for Group Training or Personal Training (one on one)—could make or break your routine.

And we know that routine is everything when it comes to continuing with your exercise regime.

“Comfort is really one of the most important things. If you are not comfortable then you will be distracted from your work out,” says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer.



Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer suggests light weight

Shirts: Comfort can mean a lot of things.  He suggested, when working out, to have clothing items that are not too baggy, where they are a hindrance and might catch in a machine, or might fly in your face while you’re lying down doing a bench press, for instance.

You will want something that is somewhat form fitting so it does not get in the way of your range of motion, but not too tight where it is uncomfortable and hindering your focus and concentration.

Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer suggests light weight fabric that wick away perspiration as well. Cotton is good and some rayon spandex blends are specifically designed for sweat-wicking.

(Also, be sure to launder your clothes quickly, so any non-pleasant odors do not remain.)

Bottoms: These can be shorts, yoga pants, track pants, sweat pants. But again, keep in mind, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer, that baggier is not better.

“Those baggy pants can often get in the way. If they get in the way of your workout, they get in the way of your progress.”

Again, the same types of sweat-wicking material that you have for the ideal workout shirt is also appropriate for your workout bottoms. Cotton allows your skin to breathe and the newer sweat-wicking blends will help you to look cool and calculated.


Sneakers: It is always best to use clean and newer sneakers, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer. As your sneakers get used, the shock absorption gets worn down. When you are doing high impact cardiovascular exercise, like running or jogging, you need the shock absorbing features of your sneakers to be intact and useful. Otherwise, injuries start to occur. And nothing kills your workout routine quicker than an injury!

Sneakers do not have to be the most expensive kind, but purchase a decent pair of sneakers that fit your feet well. Never wear flip flops, boots, heels or any other type of shoe, during a workout, that is not made for working out. Again, injuries abound.

Don’t forget cotton socks. Again, cotton helps your skin to breathe. Polyester and other man-made materials like nylon will keep in the sweat and also keep in the odor.


Miscellaneous:  One thing people often forget or don’t purchase are workout gloves, says our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer. These workout gloves not only prevent calluses but they also help you to grip weights more easily and more safely.  Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer recommends these weight training gloves for anyone doing resistance training.


Though you won’t be wearing it, it is always good to bring a towel with you, too! When looking for a personal trainer in Newington, always make sure the facilities are clean!