How to avoid sickness through proper nutrition with a Newington CT Personal Trainer

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How to avoid sickness through proper nutrition with a Newington CT Personal Trainer

How to avoid sickness through proper nutrition with a Newington CT Personal Trainer


It seems with the changing of seasons (Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall and Fall to Winter especially), it is nearly inevitable that you or someone in your household will be prone to sickness—colds, flu, other illnesses.

But according to our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers, we can give our immune systems a much better chance at preventing some illnesses before they take hold of us in the first place.


Diet and Exercise!

Nutrition and the Impact on Your immune system

We talked to one of our Personal Trainers in Newington Connecticut who said, “When you eat a healthy balanced diet every day, it will fortify your body and your immune system.”

We aren’t talking about fad diets to help you lose weight quickly (only to gain it back when you go “off” the diet). We are talking about healthy eating and healthy living, on a day-to-day basis, like the nutrition plan that we place our clients on.

If we eat nutritiously most of the time, then when we become stressed from work– and life in general– and when we overwork our bodies, our immune systems will have the proper nutrients to maintain our good health, even if we end up skipping meals or if we are short on much-needed sleep.

It is really important to ensure that the calories we consume come from nutrient-dense (and vitamin-dense) whole foods, like healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, eggs, legumes, lean dairy products, nuts and seeds, and minimal sugars.

Furthermore, not only does proper nutrition assist greatly in fortifying our immune systems, but our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainer has told us that just being overweight or obese will impair one’s immune system, due to the chronic systemic inflammation that comes from being overweight. This systemic inflammation increases the likelihood of infection and even the duration of the illness.

The Nutrition program that we use for our clients not only teaches you the healthy way to eat, but it will help you in reducing your weight in the proper way.

Exercising with your Personal Trainer in CT and Your Immune System

We have all been told that regular exercise with a Newington CT Personal Trainer is great for our bodies, so it should be no surprise that it also directly improves the functionality of our immune systems.

As long as you are getting enough rest and recovery, you are doing your exercise routine consistently, eating properly and staying hydrated, exercise will be your friend during cold and flu season. Getting enough is usually a challenge. Our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers, and doctors alike, say that we should be getting a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 hours of exercise per week, and preferably more, to strengthen our immune systems.

When we exercise, we increase our circulation and blood flow throughout our bodies.  As a result, the immune system components are better circulated, meaning your immune system will likely have a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads, and attack it accordingly.

Many studies have shown that regular exercise can prevent the common cold, and also, the common flu!

Additionally, stress has a direct impact on our bodies and immune system. The stress hormone, cortisol, has been associated with many risks for chronic illness (like hypertension, high blood pressure and insulin resistance), as well as suppressed immunity and even increase weight gain, plus a host of other afflictions. Many doctors feel it is Public Enemy Number One.

By exercising regularly –preferably with one of our Newington Connecticut Personal Trainers—you will reduce your levels of cortisol, and thereby strengthen your immune system.

You should aim for a well-rounded fitness program—one that combines strength training for building of lean, metabolically active muscle, and cardiovascular fitness, stretching and core development.

By taking care of your physical health through proper nutrition and exercise, you will be taking care of your short term and long term health as well.

Kick those colds before you even get them!

We hope you learn a lot about personal training in Newington CT and Invite you to answer this question, Should you strengthen your core?

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