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No matter what your age, goals or current condition, we can design a routine to build your best body!

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Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results!”
Avon, CT 06001
Amy Personal Trainer Avon CT rating

Bill-Adult-Personal-Training-Avon CT

Bill Y.
“I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played.”
Avon, CT 06001
Bill Personal Trainer Avon CT rating


Bill Yeager- President of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition


Find Personal Trainer in Avon CT

Welcome! We’re a local Personal Training Center in CT that caters to clients in your area. We offer all types of Programs designed by our nationally certified Personal Trainer in Avon CT!

personal trainer Avon CT

You found it! The ONLY place you need to go to when looking for a Personal Trainers In Avon CT With Over 1,000 Successful Body Transformations from our very own personal training clients, just like you.

From The #1-Rated Avon CT Personal Trainers:

“Give Us at least 12 Weeks… And We’ll Give You A New, Healthy, Terrific Looking Body That Gets Noticed, Makes You Proud and that you can keep for a lifestyle!

Avon CT Personal Trainer

From Our Avon Connecticut Personal Trainer:

Dear Avon CT Friend,

Truth is, there are few things that compare to the way you act and feel… a  sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and confidence that you get from having a healthy body that looks great… in your clothes, bathing suit and even your birthday suit!

No matter what your current condition, if you just give us an opportunity, you’ll GET the results you want and that new, lean, toned and terrific looking body you deserve. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Avon CT, you must be struggling with achieving your goals. All we need you to do is to show up and we will take care of everything else for you. We will also make sure that you will attend a convenient location either in Avon CT or nearby.

Be the person you really want to be and really want to feel like by getting the body you most want to have. Changing your body can really change the rest of your life. We see it here at Horizon Personal Training in Avon Connecticut all the time, and we’ve got the testimonials from many other Avon CT personal training clients just like you to prove it!


You’re Looking for a Personal Trainer in Avon CT:

Are you worth it?

That’s the bottom line here isn’t it? Are you willing to invest in a personal trainer for your own quality of life?

Think of it this way, what if your child was overweight and out of shape, if their confidence was negatively impacted, you would do almost anything to help them, wouldn’t you? Same goes for your spouse, right? But what about a personal trainer in Avon CT for YOU? Are you willing to invest in you and your life? How about your self-esteem, your health…your best body?

If so, then I ask you to contact us for your no-obligation, complimentary consultation right away.


Certified Personal Trainer in Avon CT:

We have A nationally certified personal trainer from Avon CT eager to help you reach your goals!

You might have asked this to yourself before “how am I going to ever lose fat, tone my body and happier about my body without doing an excessive amount of work, starving or even getting injured”?

What if I told you that here at Horizon Personal Training in Avon CT, WE CAN help you achieve them in less than half the time it would take you to try on your own! But you might be thinking, “How can you make such a bold statement?”

We have the systems and processes that are configured based on each personal trainer’s clients needs and goals. Our certified personal trainer from Avon CT will make sure you get your needs met and measure you on a frequent bases to ensure that you do.

We do not use generic fitness routines or have personal trainers who aren’t certified. We won’t just stand around with a clip board or check out ourselves in the mirror all day… We focus our attention on you and your results.


YOUR Personal Trainer in Avon CT:

It’s All About YOU!

This is how YOUR Personal Trainer in Avon CT will design your personalized program. Your Avon CT Personal Trainer and our systems are a big piece of the puzzle and something that cannot be done without a trained eye and years of experience (beware of new Personal Trainers in Avon CT or those not proving certification) in the personal training world. You obviously want to achieve maximum results in minimum time with your Personal Trainer in Avon CT.

Getting the body you want with your Personal Trainer in Avon CT won’t be easy however, it will be simple, basic and we make it fun! Nothing of lasting value is ever that easy, but we will make it the best part of your day!

If you’ve been seduced by the claims made by weight loss companies or exercise gadget promoters, even tried a Personal Trainer in Avon CT and struggled before then you know what I mean.

The most crucial point I want to make right now is this: you can have that healthy body and lifestyle you want, but it will take commitment and consistency with our Personal Trainer in Avon CT.

And that’s exactly why so many of your Personal Trainer in Avon CT client and neighbors come to us…they know they can’t (or won’t) do it alone. We’re here to help, contact us today!


Avon Connecticut Personal Trainer:

Just keep in mind that you’re not risking anything by at least investigating.

By contacting our Personal Trainer in Avon CT, you take that first step and, we will schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation. Then come in and we’ll talk about YOU, there’s no pressure and nothing to buy. You’ve read this far because you really want a Personal Trainer in Avon CT  and are serious about getting the body and health you truly deserve. We are the solution and a fun solution that really works long term.

We’ve proven it hundreds of times already with other Avon CT Personal Trainer clients just like you. Now it’s finally your turn!

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