Finding Time for a Personal Fitness Trainer in West Hartford CT

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Time for a personal fitness trainer in West Hartford Connecticut

Finding Time for a Personal Fitness Trainer in West Hartford Connecticut

Ask someone why they don’t exercise, and chances are they will tell you, “I just don’t have time.” Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer takes issue with that excuse.


“You can always find time to exercise,” he says. “The thing is, and I tell my clients this, you need to carve out the time. Make the time for fitness.”


“Firstly,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut, “exercise does not always have to be a formal training session at a gym, with a personal trainer.  It can be something as easy as walking.”


“Secondly, you need to schedule your more formal exercise sessions (and you should have some of those) —like an appointment—and commit to them.,. Exercise is often a near-magic bullet,” continues our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer.  “It helps with so many maladies and ailments, from helping to prevent disease (like cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity) to depression, to prevention of things like osteoporosis, as well as stress reduction. Why would you NOT want to exercise and be fit?” he asks.


There are definitely some ways to help motivate you to commit to your fitness routine.  Our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer has some suggestions for you.


Start Small

“First,” he says, “find just 10 minutes. Everyone has 10 minutes!”

Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut suggests simply walking for 10 minutes a day. Walking bores you? Put on some tunes, take a friend, or mix it up a little by hiking or climbing stairs for 10 minutes. Just get moving, and promise yourself you will do ten minutes’ worth.

Often, 10 minutes could– and will –turn into 20 or 30.

“It’s fine to start small,” he says. “The important thing is that you start!”


Make it a Family Affair

“Try to engage your family in fitness,” suggests our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. “You will be setting an example for your children and spouse for years to come, you will get to spend quality family time, and you will make memories. Hiking, walking, playing soccer or softball, swimming, jogging or cycling together could be your family time.”

Children love to run around and expend pent-up energy. These days, kids often get too much screen time, and studies have found that this is a major cause for childhood obesity.

If you engage the family, you will all start to look forward to your fitness time together.


Figure Out your O.E.T.(Optimal Exercise Time)

Not everyone is a morning person; Not everyone is a night owl. The only “best time” to exercise depends on when you are most likely to do your exercise.

So, if you would rather get it over with and you are an early riser, get up a little earlier! If you are up late, naturally, then schedule your workout in the afternoon or evening, when you are most alert and most likely to meet the commitment.

Keep in mind if you want to start hitting the gym in the morning, that does not mean that you can’t go for a family walk in the afternoon, also.


Have a Back-Up Plan

You planned to take a jog after work, but it’s raining. “Don’t call it quits! Hit the mall and at least walk!” exclaims our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut.

Your alarm didn’t go off, and you had planned to go to the gym before work. “Take a stroll during your lunch break.”

The point is, you can do something when your plans get messed up.


Take Part with a Friend

Find someone who also has the same fitness goal as you do. This will make you both accountable. If your friend is the one giving excuses to not meet and exercise, then find a different workout friend.

Or up the ante! Make it a competition to see which of you can go the most days without giving an excuse to not meet for fitness. Put something on the line, for instance, “First one to cancel your exercise appointment buys the other one a manicure!”


Date Night

Work exercise into your date with your spouse. Don’t’ just go to dinner or sit and watch a movie. Some suggestions our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer offers are, “Go bowling, ice skating, or roller skating. Take a hike in the woods or through the mountains. Go for a bike ride to that special restaurant you have been wanting to try. The ideas can be limitless.”


Find Your Motivation

Are you vain, and just want to look spectacular? All righty then! If it gets you to continue a consistent exercise program, then go for it!

Are you looking to get off your medication? Excellent. You will save money in the long run. Start to exercise, continue with it, and often you will find that you can reduce—and perhaps even eliminate—some medications (depending on the ailment).

Want to play with your kids and grandkids, and keep up with their energy? Perfect!

Whatever your true motivation is to get you exercising and keep you exercising, find it.


“I’ve never met anyone who regretted exercise,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. Nor have we ever met anyone who ate right which includes the right amount of grains in your diet!

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