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No matter what your age, goals or current condition, we can design a routine to build your best body!

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-One Personal Training Session includes Functional & Fitness Diagnostic Test

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Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results!”
West Hartford, CT 06107
Amy Personal Trainer West-Hartford CT rating

Bill-Adult-Personal-Training-West-Hartford CT

Bill Y.
“I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played.”
West Hartford, CT 06107
Bill Personal Trainer West-Hartford CT rating


Bill Yeager- President of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition


Your West Hartford CT Fitness Trainers

Since you’re looking for a personal trainer in West Hartford CT, Horizon delivers the very best in personal training, semi-private exercise, and nutrition counseling. Our certified personal trainers specialize in helping people lose fat, tone, & improve their health for the long term using functional strategies and healthy nutrition planning. We are all about you, the people, not a just a place; you can have your pick of many existing gyms and personal training studios in West Hartford CT, or the surrounding area but we know, you are going to love the experience at Horizon. We create successful, safe, and fun exercise programs to fit each individuals goals and bodies.


Local Weight Loss Trainers Near West Hartford CT

Horizon offers the very best in personal training, nutrition counseling, & semi-Private training for all fitness levels. We work with everyone from overweight clients to celebrities. Our personal trainers in West Hartford CT will work with you to lose weight, improve muscle tone & strength, improve flexibility, increase your cardiac output & endurance, and help get you in the best shape of your life!

Weight Loss Trainers West Hartford

We’re Certified West Hartford CT Personal Trainers!

Our certified personal trainers are members of The American Council on Exercise & The National Strength and Conditioning Association ,the National Federation of Professional Trainers, the ISSA, NASM, and Nationally respected exercise and fitness professional organizations. Personal Trainer West Hartford CT serving since 2002, our personal training center has been dedicated to providing safe, effective and FUN health & fitness services to our clients for several years. We are committed to providing the very best services available by utilizing the most current and systematized techniques. We keep our certifications up to date which make sure we are on top of the current research exercise science, sports medicine, and nutrition practices. We know that your experience with our trainers will be better than any you have ever had and as we put it the best part of your day! We offer a vast range of options, so we can almost always suit your needs and budget. Our West Hartford CT Personal Trainers can work with you at many different locations or in your home/office. No gym membership is required!

  • Has someone told you that you need a personal trainer?
  • Do you have a wardrobe that you can’t fit into?
  • Are you self-conscious about your physique?
  • Are you intimidated in a gym? Yes, our facility s Private and Comfortable!
  • Are you afraid of getting hurt on fitness equipment?
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with your grand-kids?
  • Are you getting married, or going to a reunion soon?
  • Did you get a doctor report scare you?
  • Do you have questions about eating right & nutrition?
  • Do you need someone to help motivate you to exercise?
  • Do you need accountability?

-Well, if you said yes to any of these things, then one of our West Hartford CT Personal Trainers will help you get to where you need to be!

About Our West Hartford CT Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainers West Hartford CT realize that trying to figure out exercise and diet plans for yourself can be complicated and confusing. This is why it is suggested that you receive professional guidance and like why you are looking in the first place. Horizon provides you with the very best in private personal training & nutrition services. That is why we have kept a stellar reputation of success and professionalism since 2002! All West Hartford CT Personal Trainers on our team have personally studied under the tutelage of their certifications, colleges and our owner. Your personal trainer will help you with strength training and conditioning, cardiac issues, nutrition planning, flexibility, post injury fitness, and motivation to reach your fitness goals. If you are ready for a change in your life, we know we will get you there!

Horizon is West Hartford CT’s leading Personal Training Center that offers award-winning service in personal fitness training, and nutrition planning. We provide strength and fitness programs, fat loss programs, and corporate wellness. If You are interested in fitness training intensity or how to eat healthy while traveling, we got a great read for you!


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